How To Deal With Hackers

When I’m taking about hackers I mean the ones who hack into your skype call and creep u and your friends out like crazy. You don’t think he can hack but then he calls your dad and u hear your dads voicemail. To Deal with one in a social media situation U want to record it on action and have a good time with them it will make them not wanna hack u or steal your information. If they start talking about u right away then there’s really nothing u can do accept intimidate him. Hope that helps u PS to make this whole article short, just act like a hippy

What SpiriRoam is…

SpiriRoam is a 3d model to represent my YouTube channel that I came up with when thinking of ideas, Creating it changed my life and gave me many Oppurtinities that are soon to come. I thought of a green Spirit that roams the halls of whatever and I came up with the name SpiriRoam out of the word Spirit And Roam and I am proud of it and always will be. It looks something Like this above

Working on T-Shirt Sales

I have thought of selling T-Shirts on this site but i don’t know if u guys approve of those topics so please give me your ideas on if i should or should not start selling t-shirts of my own brand. Secondly i need support if i can keep up my work on this cite so please donate,fund,or support me by clicking the button.



work on this cite so please donate,fund,or support me by clicking the button


~New Support Button~

I’ve gotten enough good reviews and comments to add a donation button. This will let you fund my campaign and keep all this going. Soon this will get bigger and better the it was before, in way a OTHER than just getting a comment saying we can bla bla bla if you pay 2,000$we give you bla. I like all the support u guys are giving me its letting me do amazing things like never before i have

Audio Virus Is Messing With My Mic Please Help

One day i get on my PC and i Skype a friend.But there was a problem when i tried to speak my mic was muted so i went to its properties and changed it to 100 but right when i was about to click ok i watched as it moved from 80 to 40 to 9 to 0 muted. Then i told my friend that i was fighting against my computer to stop muting my mic. So after a while he ends the call and i stop fighting my mic and i go to record using Camtasia 8 (300$ Program) and the mic is muted and it started all over again. I’ve spent a week now using all my skills to fix it and i’m starting to think that a audio Virus got on my computer, an audio virus doesn’t slow down anything it poses as a different program and hacks the audio control system so i can’t use any recording equipment. If u were wondering how i know this is the problem its because when i plugged my mic into a different computer it was fine an hour later its still fine. I have no idea how to remove one of these can you people out there please help me fix this its puting my career in jeopardy.

I’ve Started A New Type Of Thing On My Channel Not Too Long Ago

 I started playing games with friends because I know viewers like that sort of thing and its much better to do that also that’s not all I stopped posting videos on a schedule because when u start you tube I have to admit it is fun at first but then after a while you’ll start to be like,” ugh I have to make a video today, its like torture to do that without any comments or stuff to sculpt on top of so just upload when u feel like unless it’s like your job that pays for your bills &taxes, etcetera, Youtube is like slavery for some people. Anyway What I’m tryin to say is try to do stuff the best you can do it do everything like that and you’ll make it through success even if it requires a lot of tears shedding atleast you still succeeded the best you possibly could.